Course Title: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Course Duration: 3 Years -6 Semesters
Seats Available: 48

Semester – I Semester – II
Course Code Subject Course Code Subject
USCS 101 Fundamentals of Computer Organization & Embedded System USCS 201 Introduction to Database Management System
USCS 102 Introduction to programming using python USCS 202 Advanced Programming using Python
USMT 101 Mathematics – I USMT 201 Mathematics – I
USMT 102 Mathematics – II USMT 202 Mathematics – II
USPH 101 Physics – I USPH 201 Physics – I
USPH 102 Physics – II USPH 202 Physics – II
USFC 101 Foundation Course USFC 201 Foundation Course


Semester – III Semester – IV
Course Code Subject Course Code Subject
USCS 301 Discrete Mathematics USCS 401 Computer Graphics
USCS 302 C++ Programming USCS 402 Java Programming
USCS 303 Database Management System USCS 403 Software Engineering
USMT 301 Mathematics – I USMT 401 Mathematics – I
USMT 302 Mathematics – II USMT 402 Mathematics – II
USMT 303 Mathematics – III USMT 403 Mathematics – III
USFC 301 Foundation Course USFC 401 Foundation Course


Semester – V Semester – VI
Course Code Subject Course Code Subject
USCS 501 Data Communication Net Working & Security USCS 601 Data Communication Net Working & Security II
USCS 502 Advanced Java – I USCS 602 Advanced Java – II
USCS 503 Operating System USCS 603 Linux
USMT 504 Database Management System – II USMT 604 Software Engineering
USACWD 501 Principles of Web design & Web Technologies-I USACWD 601 Principles of Web design & Web Technologies-II

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