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Course  :
Eligibility Qualification
 F.Y.J.C. (XI)  :
S.S.C. Examination passed conducted by M.S.B. of Secondary and Higher Education.
 S.Y.J.C. (XII)  :
XI Passed.
  1. Students who have passed the S.S.C. (Std. X) examination conducted by the Maharashtra State Board of secondary and Higher Secondary Education or any other equivalent examination recognized by the Board is eligible for admission to F.Y.J.C. (Std. XI) class.
  2. A student who has passed the equivalent examination other than that conducted by Maharashtra Board will be given provisional admission. All such students will have to obtain an “Eligibility Certificate” from the Divisional Secretary, Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Mumbai and submit the same to the college office for final admission.
  3. A.T.K.T. admission will be given as per the rules of M.S.B. of secondary & Higher Secondary Education Boards.


Reservation of Seats

Reserved Seats
Reserved Seats
 Schedule Caste
 Nomadic Tribe – C
 Schedule Tribe
 Nomadic Tribe – D
 VJ – A
 Other Backward Class (OBC)
 Nomadic Tribe – B
 Special Backward Class (SBC)

All the XI A/C/Sci. project of Regular admission will be given only by online process.

Documents to be submitted by the students:

1. Provisional Eligibility:
A student from another University or Board or Secondary or Intermediate Educational or any other  statutory examining body, seeking admission to this University / College shall apply to the Registrar,
University of Mumbai for a statement of Eligibility. Such student will not be admitted to any class, if  they do not obtain the Provisional Eligibility Certificate from the Registrar, University of Mumbai. After being admitted to the College on the basis of the Provisional Eligibility Certificate, the student  has to obtain final confirmation and eligibility for which he / she will be required to submit the  following certificate in original along with attested Xerox copies.

  • Original Mark Sheet
  • Original Passing Certificate
  • Original Migration Certificate

Students admitted on Provisional Basis should note that, if the Registrar of the University of Mumbai  does not finally confirm their admissions, their terms will be treated “Null and Void” and they will not  be allowed to appear for the final examination of the University of Mumbai.

2. Caste Certificate for Validation:
It is applicable only to students belonging to SC/ST/VJ/NT/OBC/SBC/Nava Buddha who wish to take  admission in Professional Colleges after passing the HSC Board Examination. For the validation of
above certificates, the student has to submit Original Caste Certificate along with two attested Xerox  copies and a copy of Caste Certificate of any of his / her close relative and attested Xerox copy of first  th and last page of Ration Card on or before 15 October every year.

3. Migration Certificate:
When a student of University of Mumbai, either enrolled in an Affiliated College or registered with  the University of Mumbai, wishes to leave the University to join any other University / Board for
pursuing any course of study, he / she has to obtain a Migration Certificate from this University. A  student is required to apply in the prescribed form for the Migration Certificate to the Registrar of the  University through the principal of the College / Institution last attended by him / her. The application for Migration Certificate has to be accompanied by the Transfer Certificate in original  and attested Xerox copy of the same. A duplicate of Migration Certificate will not be issued under any circumstances. If for any reason the student fails to join the University / Board that he / she had proposed to join, he /  she shall return the Migration Certificate issued to him / her within three months from the date of  issue of the Migration Certificate for cancellation through the Principal of the College /Institution  through which he / she applied for the Migration Certificate.

4. Transfer Certificate:
As per O.126 no Student shall at any time be admitted to any other College unless he / she produces  Transfer Certificate from the College he / she leaves. The Principal shall be entitled to charge fees of s. 100/- for issuing a Transfer Certificate, subject to  the provision of ordinance 130, when the Principal receives an application for Transfer Certificate  more than one month after the opening of a term. He / She may charge additional fees of Rs. 20/- per  term that has lapsed since the applicant attended the College. Provided, however, that the fees  charged under the ordinance shall not exceed Rs. 200/- in aggregate.

5. Verification charges for documents is Rs. 500/

Additional Important Documents:

Documents issued by the College Office:

1. Bonafide Certificate:
Degree and Junior College students are eligible to get a Bonafide Certificate on application and payment of Rs. 50/- (Rupees Fifty Only)

2. Railway Concession:
Only Bonafide students of the College for the current academic year (male students below 25  years and all girl students) are eligible for Railway concession for the season tickets between  the nearest station to residence and Kalyan. The student has to apply in a prescribed form of  application available in College Office between 9.30 am and 1.00 pm on working day. Long Journey Railway concessions are granted only for vacation period according to rules of the  Railways for commuting to their native places as shown in their admission forms.

3. Transfer Certificate:
As per the O.131 If, as a result of a student leaving one College to join other, it will be necessary  for him / her to count the attendance kept by him / her in more than one College to enable him /  her to make up the necessary number of attendances, a Transfer Certificate shall not be granted  except for reasons which appear to the Executive Council to be sufficient and except with the  written permission of the Principal of the College which the student wants to leave and the  Principal of the College which he / she intend to join. Provided, however, that in the event of a  student leaving one College to join another after completion of term, or terms, it will be  necessary for him / her to obtain the written permission from the Principal of the College which  he / she desires to leave and the Principal of the College which he / she intends to join. As per the O.132 Students shall make application of Transfer Certificate without unnecessary  delay through the Principal of the College to which he / she wish to be transferred.

4. Recommendation Letter:
Students applying for Post – Graduate Courses to Indian or Foreign University may apply on a  plain paper giving the purpose for which the recommendation letter is sought and other  personal and cademic details and the name of the faculty from whom such a letter is sought.  The Principal on scrutiny of the application will issue relevant instructions to the office to do  the needful.

5. College Examination Mark sheets:
The First and Second Year students of Degree College who have appeared for first and second  term examinations will be issued the Examination Mark sheets. In the same way the F. Y. Junior  College students will be issued the Examination Mark sheets. If student wants a Duplicate Mark  sheet, he/she has to apply on plain paper to the Principal of the College and pay Rs. 50/- for the  duplicate marksheet.

6. College Leaving Certificate:
Students who have passed the HSC Board Examination will be issued the College Leaving  Certificate. College does not issue any Leaving Certificate to students of Degree College.

7. Transcripts:
Students who want Transcripts from the College have to apply to the Principal along with all the  necessary documents and mark sheets for previous examinations.