Post Graduate Courses

Post Graduate Courses

Every College is known by progression to higher education. Interested students were taking admissions for M.A., M. Com. and MBA in University of Mumbai, Poona University or correspondence courses.

You are aware that, the University of Mumbai offers various Post-Graduate Courses at par with the International standard. The courses are of two years duration, full-time study such as M.A, M.H.Sc., M. Com., M. Phil and Ph. D.

If money is the language of business, then accountants are the better speakers. According to Lisa  Young “The accounting function is the backbone of the financial markets.” Hence, at our College we have opted for M. Com. in Advanced Accountancy in which along with theoretical part you will also study the thesis component based on research.

Duration: Two Years (Four Semesters as per 0.5978)
Sanctioned Seats: 120
Eligibility: PART-I: Students who have passed only B.Com/ B. Com (Banking and Insurance) or B. Com (Accounting and Finance) or B. Com (Financial Markets) or Bachelor of Management  Studies (B.M.S.) examination of this university or equivalent degree from other University as mentioned in Ordinance 2310/O.5993). Admissions will be given on the basis of merit.

Microsoft Imagine Academy
Microsoft Imagine Academy in association with our college will be conducting  various programmes and Microsoft will be providing individual login ID to all  students Fee of Rs. 200 will be charged.

Master of Commerce (M.Com ) Programme Under Choice Based Credit, Grading and Semester System Course Structure

M. Com – I

M. Com – II

Note: Project work is considered as a special course involving application of knowledge in solving/analyzing / exploring a real life situation / difficult problem. Project work would be of 06 credits. A project work may be undertaken in any area of Elective Courses.

Information Technology is the area of managing technology and spans wide variety of areas that include processes, computer software, information systems, computer hardware, programming languages, and data constructs. In order to meet the requirements of software professionals,  programmers and the other middle level management cadre, University of Mumbai has granted permission to start M.Sc. in Information Technology Course by papers from the academic year  2011-12. The course is full-time of two years duration. After completing this course, the student can join any software industry or education field. The college is planning to provide placement services to all the post-graduate students of Information Technology. The college has a well equipped Computer and Information Technology Laboratory with structured cabling, 75  computers connected under and a good collection of reference books.

Course Duration: 2 years-4 Semester
Sanctioned Seats: 20
Admission Criterion:

  1. There will be 20 sets per batch. All the admission will be on merit (i.e. percentage of aggregate marks secured for the qualifying examination). Reservation criterion should be followed as prescribed by government at the time of admission.
  2. The student who has passed following Degree Examination is eligible for admission to M. Sc. Degree course.

B.Sc. Information Technology with minimum 45 percent marks
B.Sc. Computer Science/BCS with minimum 45 percent marks.
B.Sc.(Mathematics) with minimum 45 percent marks
B.Sc.(Physics) with minimum 45 percent marks
B.Sc.(Statistics) with minimum 45 percent marks
B.Sc. (Electronics) with minimum 45 percent marks
BE Degree in any branch with minimum 45 percent marks With mathematics as one of the subject to 10+02 or its equivalent Examination.

Registration as postgraduate Student: Every candidate admitted for M.Sc. IT will have to  register as the postgraduate student of University of Mumbai.

Scheme: The two year programme of M.Sc. (IT) is prescribed according to the credit system of university of Mumbai from the academic year 2012-2013. The course has been divided into four Semester. The programme has a total 16 theory papers and four in each Semester.

Revised syllabus of M.Sc. Information Technology (Based on Credit and grading system)

Semester I

Semester II

M.Sc. Revised syllabus of M.Sc. Information Technology Semester III and IV (Based on Credit and grading system)

Semester III

Semester IV

R. 8654 ATKT rules for M.Sc. Program for Credit Based Semester & Grading System

  • A learner shall be allowed to keep term for semester II irrespective of number of heads of failure in the semester I.
  • A learner shall be allowed to take admission and to keep terms and appear for semester III  irrespective of number of heads of failure in the semester I and II.
  • A learner after attending semester III is allowed to go to semester IV.
  • A learner shall be allowed to keep term and allowed to appear for semester IV irrespective of number of heads of failure in semester I,II and III, However the result of the semester IV shall be kept at abeyance until the learner passes each of the semester I, semester II, semester III.
  • A learner will have to earn a minimum of 96 credits to pass the M.Sc. degree.
  • Those who fail in any course in any semester will have to clear the same in the examination conducted in the corresponding odd or even semester. (The above-amended R.8654 was finalized during the confirmation of minutes in the subsequent meeting of Academic Council held on 19/9/2013.

Scheme of Evaluation:
The student will be evaluated externally. The external evaluation will be done by the Committee appointed by the university norms.
1) Internal Examination For Theory: 40 marks

2) For Courses with Practical: There will not be any internal examination for practical.
3) Semester End Assessment: 60 marks
4) External Examination for practical:

Standard of Passing Examination

Standard of passing and scale as per the University norms. Award of Class: As per the prevailing norms for other science subject

Increased fees will have to be paid as and when declared by the University

Refund of Fees:
If a student withdraws his/her admission after the commencement of the academic year, the College shall retain the admission fee. Term fees in full and the proportionate amount of the Tuition Fees (Till the end of the month in which the refund is claimed) The Balance amount of  Tuition Fees (if any) shall be refunded along with Library deposit, Laboratory deposit, etc. The amount of Caution money, Library deposit and Laboratory deposit will be refunded to the  student when he/she leaves the College or cancels the admission.

Mumbai University Affiliated
Post Graduate Program in Economics
M.A.Economics subjects Name

Second Year

Subject Name

  1. International Trade, Theory Policy
  2. Economics of Labour Markets
  3. Trade Unions & Industrial Relation in India
  4. Agriculture Development & Policy
  5. Environmental Economics

Second Year

Subject Name / Course Name

  1. International Finance
  2. Industrial Economics
  3. Project Study

Eligibility Criteria for M.A. order No. 02237

A Candidate for being eligible for admission to the course leading to the degree of Master  of Arts must have passed the examination for the degree of Bachelor of Arts (three year integrated course) of this University or the degree of bachelor of Arts (Old that is four year course ) of this  University or a degree of another University recognized as equivalent thereto.

Provided, however, that applications of graduates of this University in the faculty of Arts,  or those who have passed the equivalent examination of another recognized University seeking admission to the M.A. degree course by papers, will be considered by the Academic Council on the merits of each individual case on the recommendation of the Head of the University Department concerned/ chairman of the Board of Studies concerned in the subject in which there is no  University Department / Principal of a college where the Post-Graduate Center is granted, and in case of a student seeking admission to the course by research, on the recommendation of the  Chairmen of the Committee of recognized Teachers in the subject concerned before recommending such applications, the following procedure shall be followed.

A written test consisting of 2 papers as under shall be administered in the subject in  which the students desires to register for his M.A. degree.

  • An essay paper in the subject,
  • A paper to test the student’s general acquaintance with the subject

The chance of Faculty Test required to be given by the students has been waived in case of students who desire to register with the Directorate of Distance Education.

N.B. Candidates shall be given a list of books for period reading before they are examined.

Assessment Pattern

Internal Assessments – 40 Marks (40%)

Amount (In Words ): Seven Thousand Nine Hundred Fifteen Only Total

Note: Original receipt should be preserved & presented for refund of deposit Increased fees will have to be paid as and when declared by the University 6,890.00

As per the guidelines issued in Circular No. UG/412 of 2008 dated 11 September 2008 and ordinance 2859 related to refund of fees, the refund of fees will be according to the guidelines received from University.