General Instructions

Every individual entering the library should be a BONAFIDE STUDENT of the College and must have a valid IDENTITY SMART CARD. The Identity smart card should be produced as and when demanded by any of the library staff.

* The readers are advised to check the book(s) for any missing pages while borrowing them.

* The readers should not wait for the due date. They should return the books as soon as they have completed the reading.

* The readers will have to the full cost of the books returned in damaged condition.

* Loss of book must be reported to the Librarian immediately to avoid accumulation of late fees.

General Rules

* Books will be issued for use in the reading hall only.

* Members who have paid deposit for home lending facility will be issued only one book for a week’s period.

* Late fee of Re.1/- per day.

Rules for Student

* Library Hours : 8.45 am to 6.00 pm. On all working days.

* Circulation : Library books are lent to readers for home reading between 8.45 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

* Duplicate Smart Identity Card : In case Identity Smart Card is lost, it should be reported to the Librarian. A duplicate Identity card will be issued to the student after receiving proper application and payment.

* Library Fine : A book must be returned on or before the due date shown on the book. In case of urgent need the book will have to be returned immediately. Usually books are issued for a period of one week from the Home Lending Section. Books reserved for in-house reading are not allowed to be taken outside. In case a student fails to return a book within the time limit, a fine of Re.1 per day per book will be charged.

* Mutilation of Books : It is strictly forbidden to mark library books with pencil or ink or mutilate them in any way. The reader to whom the book was/ is issued last will be held responsible for loss of pages or any other damage unless he/she has brought it to the notice of the library staff before borrowing. Any student held responsible for damage of reading materials will be liable to fine equivalent to the damage caused.

* Silence : Complete silence must be observed in and around the library. Disregard of this rule will invite punishment.

* Discipline : The smooth working of the library is possible only if students adhere to the rules and regulations of the library. The Librarian reserves the right to refer cases of breach of discipline to the Principal.