Post – Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management (PGDMM)

The program is designed as a general management program covering all the functional areas of the management with a proper blending of conceptual and quantitative inputs. The course is intended to develop an integrated perspective of the total managerial function and give the participant a solid foundation necessary for assuming higher managerial responsibilities.
The Post –Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management (PGDMM) covers all the related areas of Marketing with more emphasis on Managerial Applications by exposing the budding executives to a wide range of relevant areas, sufficiently in depth so that they may gain the confidence and necessary skills for translating policies into action effectively.

Programme Design:

The Post –Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management (PGDMM) is conducted on a Semester basis. There will be four semesters spread over two academic years. The First Semester will begin from June/July to November and the Second Semester will begin from January to April. The duration of each semester will be 15 working weeks and maximum work load per week will 4 sessions 180 minutes each. Each paper will be taught in 30 sessions of 90 minutes each.

Course Title: Post –Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management (PGDMM)
Course Duration: 2 Years -4 Semesters
Seats Available:

Course Contents:
Principles of Management
Effective Communication
Marketing Finance
Consumer/Industrial Behavior
Marketing Management
Sales Management
Marketing Promotion
Quantitative Techniques in Marketing
Marketing Research and International Marketing
Projects on Special Studies in Marketing

Eligibility & Registration:
1. The admission is open to graduates of University of Mumbai or any other recognized University. Candidate should have a minimum of one-year work experience. No sponsorship is required from the employers. Bachelor's Degree with minimum 50% marks for open category/ 45% marks for reserved category and performance at CET, GD and PI conducted by the DTE, Maharashtra State 2011 or Performance at CAT / MAT /ATMA /XMAT and Group Discussion and Personal Interview conducted by the Institute.
For PGDM, the candidate must have cleared Entrance Test of Private Educational Institutions Body / CAT/MAT/ATMA.

2. Candidates who are graduates of the University of Mumbai will be required to register as a post graduate student of the university on payment of Rs. 825/- or any amount fixed by the University.
3. No student will be allowed to pursue any other course of the University of Mumbai or any other University simultaneously with D.M.S. course.

Admission Procedure
The selection of the candidates will be made on the basis of their application data in term of the nature and level of work experience and other professional achievements of the candidates.

Post-graduate Registration and Eligibility:
Every candidate admitted to the D.M.S. course will be required to register as a post graduate student of the University up on payment of Rs. 825/- or the amount fixed by the University.

No student will be allowed to pursue any other course of the University of Mumbai or any other University simultaneously with D.M.S course.

Candidates who are graduates of the University of Mumbai will be required to produce a transference certificate from constituent college of the University last attended by them.

Candidates who are graduates of other than Mumbai university will be required to be produce the provisional eligibility certificate issued by the Registrar, University of Mumbai, Eligibility section, Ambedkar Bhavan, Vidyanagari campus, Kalina, Mumbai-400098.

A provisional eligibility certificate is issued by the Registrar to candidate who is prima facie found eligible for admission to the course on making an application in the prescribed from and on paying the prescribed fee.

Tuition fees will be accepted only after the concerned candidate, produce a provisional eligibility certificate.

Student has to pay University exam fees separately (semester wise).

Candidates shall not be permitted to transfer from one college to the other college during the tenure of the course.

Class Work and Internal Assessment
Equal weight age is given to class work and University examination in each of the papers. The class work comprises case discussion, simulation techniques, quiz, class test and other brief written assignment directly based on the instruction material in the class.

For candidates in any one or more papers in any semester or on account of inadequate performance in class work. There is provision for re-registration of such candidates in the paper concerned on the payment of relevant tuition-fees and instruction material fees at the rate of Rs. 500/- per paper. Such re-registration student will be attached to a concerned teacher for satisfactory completion of practical work and tutorials without attending classes again.

If the candidate passed in all the external examination and failed in one or more internal-examination subject or absent for any of the subject they must have to fill up the university examination form for obtaining the university exam seat number without which their internal marks will not be accepted by the university

Fees Structure:

Sr. No.

Particulars About Fees

First Year

Second Year


Tuition Fees




University Fees




Internal Examination Fees




Library Deposits(Refundable)




P-G Registration Fees




Exam. Fees per Semester




Total Fees



Examinations & Award of Diplomas:
The first and third semester examinations will normally be held in December and second and the forth semester examination will be held in May.

In order to pass in any subject/paper (Internal as well as external) in semester a candidate is required to obtain a minimum of 50% mark assigned for that subject/paper.

Candidates will be permitted to proceed from first semester to second semester, second semester to third semester and from third semester to fourth semester irrespective of their passing the examination of the previous semesters.

Declaration of the result will be only in two categories: Pass-eligible for the award of Diploma OR Fail- not eligible for award of Diploma

Candidate successfully completing the program i.e. clearing all the subject of four semesters internal and university examination will be awarded diploma by the University of Mumbai.

Candidate who have successfully completed the D.M.S course are eligible to get admission in the second year of the three year post graduate master degree course of the University of Mumbai.


Master of Marketing Management (MMM)


Master of Financial Management (MFM)


Master of Human Resource Development (MHRDM)


Master of Information Management (MIM)

Diploma in Computer Programming (DCP)
Advanced Diploma in Advertizing Sales Promotion and Sales Management
Diploma in Tourism and Travel Management