F.Y. B.A (Total six subjects for 600 marks)
Compulsory Subjects Optional Subjects
a) Foundation Course Paper - I a) History-I
b) Communication Skills b) Economics-I
c) Compulsory Marathi or Hindi c) Political Science/Geography-I
d) Marathi or Hindi (Optional)-I

A candidate can opt for only 3 optional subjects.

S.Y. B.A (Total five subjects for 800 marks)
Compulsory Subjects
Optional Subjects
(Two papers of each optional offered at FYBA)
a) Foundation Course Paper II a) History - Paper II and III
b) Population Studies
(General Applied Component)
b) Economics - Paper II and III
c) Political Science or Geography - Paper II and III
d) Marathi/ Hindi - Paper II and III

T.Y. B.A (Marathi Medium - Six Units)
1) History 2) Economics

    Note : * A Student has to select any one subject with 6 papers (600 marks)

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