For the students of Std. XI (F.Y.J.C.), there will be following Four Examination and test during the academic year.

 i) First Unit Test (including Tutorials in language)  :
50 Marks
 ii) Terminal Examination (at the end of First Term)  :
100 Marks
 iii) Second Unit Test (including Tutorial in language)  :
50 Marks
 iv) Annual Examination (at the end of Second Term)  :
100 Marks

According to rules laid down by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, promotion to Std. XII (S.Y.J.C.) will be determined on the basis of the average of the marks, obtained in all the examinations of Std. XI (F.Y.J.C.) by the student. To pass Std. XI, A student must secure a minimum of 35% marks in each subject. To be promoted to Std. XII, a student will get 30 marks as grace in the average marks of all 6 subjects, but not more than 10 marks in each subject. But this is not applicable for ex-students.

For Std. XII (S.Y.J.C.) students, there will be Preliminary Examination prior to H.S.C. Board Examination, conducted by the college on the pattern of Board Examination. It is compulsory to appear and pass the examination for the better performance in Board Examination.

From the academic year 2007-2008, the H.S.C. Board has introduced Project and Oral Tests at XI and XII Classes as follows :

        EVS - Theory 60 marks and Project 40 marks
        English / Marathi / Hindi - Theory 80 marks and Oral Test 20 marks
        Maths / Geography - Theory 80 marks and Practical 20 marks.