Status of Admission:

1. All admissions will be treated as Provisional until all the necessary Certificate/Documents such as original mark sheets, Final Eligibility Certificate, Transfer Certificate, and School Leaving Certificate etc. are submitted and approved by the appropriate authorities.
2. No admission will be valid unless it is granted by the authority of the Principal.
3. All admissions will be valid only for one Academic Year (subject to satisfactory attendance) and will be required renewal by application in prescribed from for each subsequent year of enrolment as a student of the college.

Procedure for Cancellation of Admissions:

1. Admission will be cancelled only on receipt of an application on the prescribed form (available in the college office) together with original fee receipts.
2. The amount of caution money, Library deposit and Laboratory deposit will be refunded when a student leaves the college or cancels the admission.
3. After cancellation of Admission, the fees will be refunded as per guidelines and rules.
4. Above- mentioned deposits if not claimed within one year from the date of leaving the college or cancellation of admission, will be forfeited.

Attendance Requirement:

A Student must attend minimum 75% of lectures, practical and tutorials in each of academic year, failing which he/she will not be allowed to appear for annual examination.

Examination Scheme:

According to the rules laid down by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (Circular No. SB/BR, High. Sec/Exam./dated 7/3/2007), promotion to Std. XII (S.Y.J.C) will be determined on the basis of the average of the marks obtained in all the examinations of Std. XI (F.Y.J.C) by the student.
1. To pass Std. XI, a student must secure a minimum of 35% marks in each subject.
2. To be promoted to Std. XII, a student will get total of 30 marks as grace in the average marks of all 6 subjects, but not more than 10 marks in one subject.
3. A student failing short by maximum of 3 marks to secure Grade-I with Distinction or Grade-I can be given the same marks for achieving the grade.

The above mentioned rules are not applicable for ex-students

The H.S.C Board has introduced Project and oral Tests from the Academic Year 2007-2008 at XI and XII Classes.
EVS/PT  (XI)-                            Theory 50 marks
Environmental Studies (XII) –      Theory 60 marks and Project 40 marks.
English / Marathi / Hindi-   Theory 80 marks and Oral Test 20 marks.
Maths / Geography –             Theory 80 marks and Practical 20 marks.
Science: Physics, Chemistry and Biology-Theory 70 marks and Practical 30 marks.
Eco/B.K/O.C/ S.P. –Theory 80 marks and assignment 20 marks
In Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology passing in Theory and Practical is compulsory.